MARBAD Ltd. is a manufacturing and trading company founded in 1991. We have head-office in Warszawa (Warsaw) and manufacturing plant and warehouse in Siedliska near Turek (central Poland).

We are working in the area of wide range of surface treatment technology.

Our current offer, based on long-established presence in the market, is the result of work of experienced staff and relates to the basic operations of surface treatment, such as:

  • mass finishing (vibratory mass finishing, tumbling, trowalization, gleitschleifen, vibracné omielanie, vibracní omílání)
  • blasting
  • grinding,
  • polishing.

Marbad offers technologies, tools, consumables and necessary equipment, most of which comes from our own production or from partners, who we represent. We cooperate with many leading manufacturers of machinery, tools and materials for surface treatment.

We specialize in vibratory mass finishing (trowalization), a field in which we have achieved a leading position on the Polish market. This situation was achieved owing to the continuous research and improvement in the production of materials used in this technology, close relationship with end-users and many years of experience in developing technologies and implementing complete finishing systems for our customers.

We export our products to many European markets, e.g. Germany, UK, Sweden, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, the Netherlands ...

Our offer also covers the methods and devices for cleaning of waste water and air produced during finishing processes. Own surface treatment laboratory equipped with complete range of machinery allows us to develop the processing technologies that meet the requirements of our customers.

For customers who do not have proper facilities we offer outsourcing service in the wide range of vibratory mass finishing.

Particular attention is paid to increase the offer with the items of our own production, developing a consistent range of manufactured materials and equipment. This allows us to increasingly meet the needs of our customers.

ISO certification obtained in 2005 confirms the high level of organization of the company and the high quality of our products.

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