Marbad is manufacturer of wide range of consumables for vibratory mass finishing: chips, compounds, pastes, powders, granulates, flocculants for waste water cleaning, etc.

Our offer of drying & polishing granulates and other vibratory mass finishing products:

CORN-COB granulates, type GM

We offer drying & polishing granulates made of corn-cob in wide range of sizes.

Application (general guidelines):
Drying of parts after vibratory mass finishing in vibratory dryers Dry process

NUT SHELLS granulates, type GN

Polishing granulates made of walnut shells in wide range of

Application (general guidelines):
Polishing of parts after vibratory mass finishing in tumblers and vibratory machines. Can be also used as carriers for polishing astes.Dry process

Other products for vibratory mass finishing:

  • PWM - powder for clearing/degreasing of oiled parts before finishing (used as water bath).
  • D1 - compound for waxing of wooden pieces
  • ASP-R - liquid defoaming agent (used for reduction of foam created during vibratory processes)
  • PG 35 – fungicidal agent
  • TR – corrosion inhibitor
  • KS – mixutre for etching of hard alloys (acceleration of vibratory process)
  • PWDS - powder for cleaning and polishing in magnetic polishing machines
  • OD - impregnating agent improving processing with natural granulates and wooden pegs
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