MARBAD has two laboratories/workshops of surface finishing equipped with a wide range of machinery for mass finishing in which we develop technologies of processes optimally adjusted to our client’s specific needs.

We have a chemical laboratory, which allows the development of new, personalized formulations of products tailored to our client’s technologies, e.g. flocculants, liquid, paste and powder compounds, etc.

Besides, in our workshops equipped with machines of various types and sizes and the full range of media (resin, ceramic and porcelain chips, liquid compounds, pastes, granulates, flocculants, etc.), we provide surface finishing services to customers without adequate facilities or whose processing volume exceeds the current production capacity. We are able to do outsourcing of both, large (series production) and small batches of parts.

We also carry out the tests of parts with client’s technicians present on-site, if they want to confirm the usefulness of this technology in their conditions before decision on its implementation.

We have skilled staff who carries out professional repairs and refurbishing of vibratory mass finishing devices (mass finishing machines, vibratory driers) and accompanying equipment, e.g. wastewater treatment facilities, including centrifugal systems (so-called centrifuges).

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